Children's Centre

We are open Mon-Fri



Closed 12:30pm-2:30pm on Fridays


0208 788 4379


Group room


The Group Room is fully equipped to hold presentations as we have the suitable IT

equipment and an Interactive Board. The room is used for a number of different

activities which can be seen on our timetable (link to timetable).




In the centre we have a fully functioning kitchen which is used to run such courses

as Boost Cooking run by My Time Active (have a link to the My Time website?). We

also do cooking and baking with parents during our Parent to Parent course.


Play Room


This room is suitable for child 0 to 5 years of age with various amounts of stimulating

and creative activities to do. The Play Room staffing consists of a Teacher, Childcare

Manager, Play Session Co-ordinator and Early Years Practitioners. The Play Room

is supervised at all times.


Our Gardens


The front garden is designed for children to find insects and to learn about the

outdoors.  We have a bug hotel, a water tank and some musical mushrooms to play.  

The centre like to encourage children to explore their outdoor environment.

The back garden leads out from the play room and is suitable for children from

3months to 5 years. There are a large amount of activities to do and lots of

equipment to use for children to grow and learn throughout their physical and cognitive development.


grouproom playroom kitchen outside2