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Take a look at the fun we have been having!

Littlehampton Trip - 3rd August 2017


The centre went to Littlehampton Seaside with a coach packed with excited families and children! We had an amazing time walking on the beach, feeling the sand in our feet and building sand castles. We also had plenty of fun playing in the arcade.

Godstone Farm - 16th August 2017


We spent a day in Godstone Farm. It was a lovely sunny day and we got to see lots of beautiful farm animals, some of them were only babies. We could cuddle them and feed them. We also had the opportunity to explore the big playground area and have our faces painted!! It was an amazing family day out!

Lunchbox Library


We enjoyed coming to Lunchbox library during our summer holidays. It was great to come and play with our friends and get to meet new ones. There were lots of fun activities. As well as having a delicious lunch, we had fun stories read to us and could borrow some books to take home!

Family Fun Day 2017


We enjoyed the perfect day for a picnic with our friends and families. We  jumped lots in the bouncy castle and had our  faces painted with lovely designs. We also played balls and parachute games. We enjoyed eating our picnic and sharing!


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