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Southmead Children's Centre aims to support all children under 5 and their families within the local community, to reach their full potential. We do this by supporting, teaching and enabling you to stay safe, be healthy, enjoy life and acheive your personal goals, work towards achieving your own financial security and to participate in community life.


We work alongside Southmead School in providing a positive partnership with parents and carers. We strive to provide a high quality, well motivated team who will play a central role in improving outcomes for all children and families, enabling life long learning for all.


How do we do this?


- We welcome families from the whole community


- Whenever you have contact with us, you, your child and your family will feel valued and respected


- We provide a range of services which are available to all families with children under 5


- You can ask us for support you if you need it, and if we can't help you, we'll try to find someone who can


- If you are finding it difficult to get here for whatever reason, we can make alternative arangements to help


- We promote Healthy Eating and encourage Physical Activity throughout all our activities, groups and staff practice


- We listen to what you have to say and use that feedback to make improvements and develop our service over time


- We will provide you and your children with opportunities to develop new skills and gain new experiences


- All families are encouraged to take an active part in the running of the Children's Centre


- We promise to provide a safe and confidential environment to support families as and when needed

Southmead Centre for Children & Families Aim's To Be:


- A focal point of the community


- Proud of all our achievements


- Open, honest & caring


- Non - judgemental


- Epowering & supportive for mums, dads, carers, children & staff


- A solid foundation for the future

Our Vision